Are you ready to get organized and enjoy a happier, healthier, and more peaceful and productive home? Have you wondered, “How can I get organized, it seems so overwhelming. Where do I start?” Imagine it being possible, and even FUN! With a professional organizer working at your side, you can declutter your home and get organized for good!

Anna Sicalides is The Organizing Consultant and she offers professional organizing services for:
  • High performance families.
  • Individuals interested in right sizing their lives and homes.
  • Those who are going through life transitions.
  • People committed to minimizing their organizational stress.

Our services are confidential, non-judgmental and sincere.

Anna Sicalides, The Organizing Consultant, specializes in:

  • Establishing your organizing goals and working with you to make them happen. You won’t get overwhelmed or give up with Anna at your side.
  • Creating methods to simply your life and keep your home organized, even after the organizing session is over!
  • Assisting you in creating systems for every area of your life including your job and your family, as well as recommending appropriate organizing tools, products and technology to support your systems.
  • Encouraging you to develop the needed skills to stay organized and maintain your systems on your own.
Get Organized Today, co-authored by Anna Sicalides
Anna is the co-author of Get Organized Today - written for people who want to be organized but don't have the tools. Nothing can replace working with a Professional Organizer, but this book comes close!

Get a signed copy from Anna by ordering here »

Anna Sicalides
Anna Sicalides
The Organizing Consultant
Berwyn, PA
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